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CES 2019: Lenovo Launched Its 43.4” Ultrawide Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision P44W

From past few years, we’ve already seen some ultrawide monitors. Now Chinese Tech Gaint Lenovo also joins them by announcing two 43.4” ultra-wide curved monitor at CES 2019. One is Lenovo ThinkVision P44W for productivity tasks and the second one is Legion Y44W for gaming. The first is Lenovo’s ThinkVision P44W,

Sony announced a big giant 98” 8K TV at CES 2019

Sony Master Series TV

Sony announced its Master Series lineup of TVs on last year in New York. Here at CES 2019, Sony brings more TVs to its Master Series lineup. Yesterday night, the company introduced new Z9G 8K (LCD) and A9G 4K OLED TVs that feature big displays. The Z9G comes in 85-inch

OnePlus 6 to launch in June with Snapdragon 845, confirms CEO


OnePlus is best known for producing smartphones that combine the best flagship grade hardware with a near-stock Android experience, and packed together in a beautiful body. In an interview with CNET at CES 2018, Pete Lau announced that the next flagship phone from OnePlus will be unveiled in the latter part

CES 2018: Lenovo launches Mirage Solo Standalone Daydream VR headset, Mirage Camera for capturing VR videos

Mirage Solo standalone VR

Lenovo has announced its new Mirage Solo standalone VR headset with Daydream at CES 2018. The company has unveiled the Mirage Solo standalone VR headset and the Mirage VR180 camera. The Mirage Solo is an entirely standalone virtual reality headset that runs Google's Daydream platform which allows a user to capture 180°